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Chelsea PennerChelsea Penner is an acclaimed model, actress, wellness consultant/success coach, and businesswoman. In 2012, she used her industry expertise to found professional networking site, “Bellinity.com”, which is set to revolutionize the way that music, fashion, and entertainment industry professionals connect online while digitizing the industries.

In 2007, as her modeling and acting career began taking off, Chelsea decided to move to LA from PDX. Anticipating exciting new opportunities in LA, she was disappointed to instead find financial exploitation, sexual harassment, and a lack of camaraderie/mentorship in the fashion & entertainment industries. Her personal experiences inspired her to create a company that would help aspiring artists achieve their dreams while also financially empowering industry professionals.

In 2012, she founded Bellinity.com, a networking site promoting mentorship between talented young individuals and seasoned professionals and enables fans to connect with celebrities in a safe environment.

Bellinity is the only site of its kind – it provides opportunities for professional actors, models, and musicians to earn additional or full-time income and promote their current projects, while fans… (secret for now)… on an activity of interest with their favorite celebrity.

Activities are limitless – they may include … Tour bus chat in between concerts, a guitar lesson, red carpet event, happy hour, beach time, singing lesson, how to break a specific industry, makeup lesson, or a behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, etc.

Hollywood has been struggling to find a way to digitize celebrities in a way that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Best of all, aspiring professionals can learn inside information that will help them steer clear of the many sexual and financial predators in the entertainment industry.

We’re very excited about all of its possibilities.

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